Payment Coin ($POD) = The Next Bitcoin

Payment Coin is faster than Bitcoin and more exciting than Ethereum. We are building a new payment system instead of bank and credit cards that were designed in the 1950s! The system uses its own digital currency, the POD. To drive global expansion in 2022, we are allocating PODs for free. Payment Coin is top ranked on Google and trusted by thousands of users worldwide since its launch in 2018. Click here to claim 100 free coins

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To store your digital currency (PODs), you will need a secure digital wallet. Think of this as the digital equivalent of your current wallet or purse in your pocket. The secure digital wallet allows you to send and receive PODs from anyone in the world.

      1.   Choose your wallet
      2. Configure your wallet
        • Follow our installation guide
      3. Get some Payment Coin
      4. Start using! Its that simple.
Congratulations. You can now send internet money from A to B without any middlemen such as banks. The internet is the new banking network; and Payment Coin the new digital cryptocurrency.

Payment Coin vs Bitcoin
Payment Coin is a modern peer-to-peer digital currency. It is built on the Bitcoin codebase and offers high levels of security, privacy, stability and speed. Payment Coin enables anyone on the planet to send electronic cash instantly, without the involvement of trusted third parties. The decentralised cryptocurrency revolution cuts out the banking middle-layer and puts the power back in the hands of normal people. Bitcoin was the first true cryptocurrency. Altcoin is the term used for all other cryptocurrencies. So Payment Coin is a cryptocurrency and Altcoin. The main differences between Payment Coin and Bitcoin are:

  • Payment Coin (84 million coins) vs Bitcoin (21 million coins)
  • Payment Coin (Scrypt encryption) vs Bitcoin (SHA-256 encryption)
  • Payment Coin (2.5 minute block time) vs Bitcoin (10 minute block time)


Why Select Payment Coin
Payment Coin is a digital currency that is 400x faster than Bitcoin; it employs a simplified variant of Scrypt (Litecoin, Dogecoin) as its proof of work (POW). Payment Coin aims to expand the cryptocurrency ecosystem to improve distributed scalability, short/long-term reputation and privacy. The project features seven core modules and a new crypto unifying protocol codenamed ‘Parallax’.

Payment Coin Development Roadmap
Electronic Cash (Payment Coin)Complete
Distributed Ledger (Blockchain)Complete
Distributed Marketplace (Crypto Powered Amazon+eBay)In-progress
Distributed Reputation Mechanism (Short-term / Long-term)In-progress
Distributed Scalability (Beyond VISA)In-progress
Enhanced Pseudo Anonymous PrivacyIn-progress
Crypto Simplification for Mass AdoptionIn-progress


Payment Coin Value
No single entity owns the Payment Coin network; just as no one can own the Internet. Payment Coin is controlled by all the users participating in transactions using the cryptocurrency. This is the true power of decentralisation. As the community grows and the Payment Coin is accepted, market valuation should change (remember once upon a time one Bitcoin was worth nothing!). Always consult a licensed financial professional before making any investments in cryptocurrencies, as they are extremely risky and volatile. We recommend you start with mining or earning bounty coins as it is free.

Hypothetical: How Much Could Each Payment Coin Be Worth?

What is worth more? A cryptocurrency that provides a store of value like Gold? Or the original Bitcoin draft code and vision that was looking to build a distributed computational economy that could power global electronic cash, trade and services for a huge percentage of the world (both the banked and the unbanked). It should be clear that most crypto projects abandoned the original vision only because they were unable to solve distributed scalability, reputation and privacy. Our mission remains to solve the missing pieces of the original roadmap, and in doing so our Payment Coin (POD)s can be worth a lot in the future.

The total worldwide household wealth today equals approximately $350 trillion. Divide it by 84 million Payment Coins, and you get roughly $4 million for a single coin. Even if Payment Coin captured 5% of the total household wealth that would provide a theoretical price of roughly $200,000  for a single coin! Some food for thought for early adopters.


Payment Coin Ecosystem
In 2006, Satoshi Nakamoto solved the double spend problem that had stumped some of the worlds greatest minds for decades. Two years later his white-paper gave birth to Bitcoin and a future of distributed triple-entry book-keeping. However over a decade later, no project has completed the components found in the initial draft code. Payment Coin is one of the few remaining cryptocurrency projects seeking to complete the original vision: a distributed computational economy with peer-to-peer electronic cash.

2009 –> Bitcoin –> 2011 –> Litecoin –> 2012 –> Cryptonote –> 2014 –> Monero –> 2016 –> Zcash –> 2017 –> Bitcoin Cash –> 2018-22 –> Payment Coin

If you are still wondering why support another cryptocurrency project? The simple answer is that we can do it better. We recommend you read our research on Satoshi Nakamoto. We know his works better than anyone else. Think about that for a second. If you understand Satoshi Nakamoto, you understand crypto. Payment Coin aims to be the best form of unified electronic cash.

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The global financial landscape is undergoing rapid transformation led by the creation of modern future proof cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are the future of money.  Their universal access allows anyone with an internet connection to utilize the power of this innovative technology. Payment Coin (POD) is simply a faster next generation form of digital cash than Bitcoin.