Bitcoin Puzzle Lottery – Win Over $1,000,000


Hidden in plain sight. One of the biggest reveal from our deep research is that Satoshi Nakamoto (the founder of Bitcoin) and owner of approximately 980,000 Bitcoins, most likely left it all in a cryptic puzzle. From hidden clues in the whitepaper, source code, mining nonce, and blockchain itself! Guessing the keys to Satoshis Bitcoin puzzle is mathematically improbable. However if you consider yourself lucky, just leave the page running and goodluck! It is a 50BTC / $1,000,000+ lottery.

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How to Claim Winnings
  • In case the script finds a match to the puzzle, it will print the winning private key in Bitcoin WIF format and finish running. To claim your reward copy the winning private key and restore it on any Bitcoin wallet. Enjoy your 50BTC / $1,000,000 puzzle winnings.


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